iDirect Evolution XLC-M Line card

Evolution XLC-M

The Evolution® XLC-M line card features one demodulator for inbound traffic only and supports multi-channel demodulation through licensed software images. The XLC-M line card is ideal for voice, data and video applications where a network features one large outbound and multiple inbounds.


The Evolution XLC-M line card features multi-channel demodulation for inbound traffic in Adaptive TDMA or SCPC Return mode. The XLC-M line card supports an extremely efficient inbound FEC with 2D 16-State coding. Coupled with an Evolution modulator card such as XLC-11 it is ideal for networks featuring one large outbound and multiple inbounds supporting voice, data and video applications.


  • One demodulator with support for multi-channel demodulation
  • Extremely efficient inbound FEC with 2D 16-State coding
  • Interoperates with Evolution or iNFINITI® line cards for the outbound
  • Fits into any Universal Series 15000 or 12000 Hub chassis